Crumbs Kids Digital Cookbook


Includes 14 recipes

Recommended for ages 3 +

Easy to follow steps for each recipe

Tips and Tools page to help get your kids cooking with the right tools that are easy to use and clean

Community Service project page great for kids and parents to plan and serve a meal for those in need

Illustrated by Ryan  Crumbs Kids

Great for handheld devices


All recipes are to be done under adult supervision only.

Please keep kids safe in the kitchen.





Guaranteed Safe Checkout

This downloadable 14 recipe cookbook includes some of our favorite Crumbs Kids recipes. I have also included a Tips and Tools page to help get your little chef outfitted with simple and safe kitchen tools.


Each recipe includes a step by step guide that makes it easy for kids to learn and follow along. The Serve Others page provides simple guide to organize a community service project to help others through food.


I had so much fun creating these recipes and illustrations, and I hope you have fun making them and serving your community.


Product Disclaimer

* The recipes in this kids cookbook are to be made with adult supervision only. Kitchen tools recommended in this cookbook are to be used under adult supervision only.


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